History of the Fondation Le Bon Pilote

The Fondation Le Bon Pilote was founded in 1995 by Gilles Lafleur, himself suffering from retinitis pigmentosa. The purpose was to support organizations providing services to promote improved living conditions of people with a visual impairment. Today, he is no longer at the helm of the organization, but he still uses the attendant services for some of his trips.

Since 2011, the number of trips made by the organization has kept growing and the number of members has tripled, but many people are still unable to benefit from the service and members sometimes even have to limit their trips. This is why he would like to see the organization increase its services. Humanitarian and financial assistance are needed and desirable to assist more people who really need it.

Our Mission

Raising Awareness

To raise awareness of the reality and problems experienced by people with a visual impairment.


Assist organizations providing services to people with a visual


Support the mission of Le Bon Pilote, being home care and supporting


To allowing the greatest number of people who need the services of Le Bon Pilote to have access to them.


To ensure sustainability of the organization in an environment where there is growing uncertainty for government subsidies.


To provide Le Bon Pilote the resources needed to be more present in the daily life of its members.

The Fondation Le Bon Pilote

Help us improve living conditions of people with a visual impairment.

Make a donation

To allow the Le Bon Pilote organization to serve even more people and to open up available services to new clientele.

To create a supportive community by arranging opportunities for meetings between organization members.

To set up a network of mutual assistance for people with visual impairment or a loss of autonomy.

To develop resources, infrastructure and services adapted to the needs of Le Bon Pilote’s members.

Le Bon Pilote in Brief

More than 500 members benefit from Le Bon Pilote services each year.
Almost 4,000 trips per year.
320 % increase in membership since 2011.
365 % increase in accompaniments since 2011.